New URL –

Happy New Year readers! I finally decided to take the plunge and buy a URL to go with the blog. If I am lucky enough to have made it into your bookmarks please update my blog address in your records to

Now that the holidays are over I have some time to works on blog posts again. Coming up I’ll have posts about Saison, Doppelbock, IPA, and many more. Only 25 days until my wedding so I may choose to combine a few recipes into each post, or not, it depends on how much time I find between now and then. I’m also going to try to put together a post or two on DIY projects I’ve done. Most recently I built a jockey box with 4 taps using a cold plate I ordered online.

I should have my post ready on version 1.1 of my saison recipe tomorrow. It was my 2nd attempt at the style, spoiler, I’m no longer a fan of Wyeast 3711.

Thanks again for reading!